Why use a tow/trailer hitch cover?

There are several reasons that you want to use a hitch cover.

  1. Protection: Protect the inside of your tow hitch receiver. Don’t leave the back end open to the elements. You will get rain, dirt, leaves, and other crap in there. When you want to put your ball back on, you will have to clean out all the crud. Make the installation of your tow ball much easier with a clean tow hitch.
  2. Speak your mind: Instead of putting a bumper sticker on the back of your truck, which could damage it, put a tow hitch cover on it instead. You can get a tow hitch cover with almost any message or you can get one customized. During football season, show your pride in your favorite team. During a holiday, show your holiday spirit. The message is almost unlimited. Some will even hook to your electrical, so it will display lights when turned on, or enhance break lights, or backup lights.
  3. Easy of use: Trailer hitch covers are easy to install.
  4. Cost: Most tow hitch covers are inexpensive. Some can go for a few hundred dollars, but many are $10-50.

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